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43 36' 12.23" N...... 142 24' 33.10" E...... 254 mAMSL

Footpath at Land Cafe'

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Landcafe location  pointer
Mild Seven Hill in Biei
walk relaxed

Through the fields of our farm and forest across the hills around Land Cafe'
You can walk Your stress away.
How about parking Your car and walk. Just for a moment and refresh from touring.

footpath walking sign

This foot path or mini trek on our 18 ha forest and farmland at the Mild Seven Hill
is a 2.2km well maintained walking course with sign boards and benches. You can't get lost.
if I walk straight, it takes me about 40min.If You go for the first time
and with children it can take easily 1.5hours.

The trail goes up and down over the hills with splendid views
from the hill top and many things to see in the woods.
The trail is accessible any season. Looking at various crops, listen to chirping birds
while sitting in the shade of a tree is something You will not forget.

Katakuri flowers in spring
splendid view over Mild Seven Hill

In the end of summer if You raise Your finger up to the sky,
a red dragonfly will come for a stop.
Around Land Cafe, such small natural plays can still be experienced.

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Footpath Map
bear caution